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We look back on 50 years of craftsmanship tradition with pride. Today experience and reliability continue to secure our future.

Below are a couple of examples of our production:

Object No. 01

Air conveyance sheet

We don't just create any air pipe for you. The air pipe pictured here consists of two types of aluminium of differing thicknesses (3mm and 5mm) that are aligned in various dimensions with enhanced manoeuvrability.
Prepared according to a custom design, it was skilfully welded. Hence it effectively cools components in a wind turbine.

Object No. 02

Brake disc cover

This brake disc cover is a good example of our tailor-made, accurate laser cutting work. It has a precisely lasered arc section that was carefully curved using the most up-to-date forming technology. Here again we worked with a material blend of aluminium of differing thicknesses.

Object No. 03

Thermal oil unit

According to clients' wishes we can manufacture both high quality thermal oil and steam pressure equipment. This component assembly in a thermal oil unit conducts oil heated to 300C or steam and must therefore be built reliably and sufficiently solidly. Of course, this applies to all our products.

Object No. 04

Cable duct

We are happy to manufacture customised cable ducts for you according to your wishes. We manufacture cable ducts of any type and shape from the best materials under contract to clients. We can supply in-house manufactured products in black or galvanised sheet steel, aluminium or stainless steel for food processing.

Object No. 05

Cover for a gearbox coupling

As part of our up-to-date steel treatment process we can manufacture caps and gearbox covers of any type and size for you. The distinguishing factor here is the perforated metal blanks that we prepare ourselves in-house. This ensures flawless work with no sharp edges or gaps.

Object No. 06

Selection of transition tubes

Naturally we also offer to create products in custom colours for our customers according to their wishes. They can select between standard finishing or powder coating in RAL colours. Furthermore there is the option of hot-dip or galvanised zinc coating.