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Tailor-made, flawless end products are the result of professional craftsmanship. Each of our 17 employees is a specialist in his area.
Then as now, craftsmanship defines our business. We understand the materials precisely and we find a solution to any problem that meets our clients' needs. Our staff are fully trained craftsmen and, as such, have respect for the materials they work with.
Naturally we will continue to perfect our prototype construction and mass production processes and adapt them to the challenges of the future. However we will always remain loyal to our craft. Of course, craftsmanship comes at a price; hence we take care down to the last millimetre and make precision the defining factor in our quality aspirations. Yesterday, today and in the future!

Steel processing

Steel is the generic term for milled metal in a wide range of finishes and thicknesses. From iron and aluminium to stainless steel and precious metals, we cut, emboss and weld any shape you prefer - so it is custom-made for you. In doing so we understand the material precisely and know which properties to be aware of to achieve the desired result. Highly motivated and fully trained craftsmen guarantee our renowned and expected standard of quality. Furthermore, in the course of our ongoing expansion and investment, we have vastly increased our industrial mass production capabilities. Using our fully up-to-date production machines, we will continue to provide our clients with precision, high quality and reliability.

Laser cutting

To guarantee our high expectations of quality and reliability for our products, we combine our years of experience with the precision of a CNC laser cutting machine. This is of particular benefit in mass producing large volumes of parts. The combination of die cutter and laser enables us to keep costs in check according to our clients' wishes, without compromising on the precise accuracy of the laser work. Additional threading lathe and pressing technology rationally completes the range. The end products are all matched down to the millimetre so no additional processing is required. Hence the craftsmanship is still consummate even in bulk.
We look back on our 50 years of craftsmanship tradition with pride. Today experience and reliability continue to secure our future.


Prototype production

We work closely with our clients and our constructive discussions frequently lead to groundbreaking results. Flexibility, innovative approaches to solutions and our cross-generational pleasure in construction and meticulous detail provide clarity in the many specific ways of looking at a problem. Whether solutions are required or sophisticated ideas need to be implemented, in every case we apply our full experience in materials and craftsmanship in prototype production. Come and talk to us!